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Is coaching right for you?

The world we live in right now is drastically different from the one we had just a few short years ago. We are dealing with change, uncertainty and disconnection. People are feeling lost, stuck and overwhelmed. According to Psychology Today, when a person does not feel a strong sense of purpose in their life, they are more likely to become depressed and are more susceptible to boredom, frustration, pessimism and even addiction.

We are hearing time and again that people are struggling to find their purpose in life, that they want to connect with people and give back to a world that is struggling. We see good natured and loving people wishing they could do more or be more, the problem is that a lot of these people haven’t realised that in order to help others – you first need to discover yourself and find your true purpose.

I hear you already, we’ve been there too, don’t worry. We have been the ones who don’t have the time to invest in ourselves, we have
thought our days are too full to possibly spend time on ourselves and that most worrying of all, at times we have questioned whether spending time on ourselves is worth the investment – after all, we have families, work, charity and a whole host of other commitments we need to put into our day – why should we take priority? To put it short, we cannot believe how much time we have wasted seeing it like this. If we could go back in time to change these fears and insecurities (because that’s all they are), we would do it in a heartbeat – by not focusing on yourself, you are not only holding yourself back but the ones you love as well.

It’s time to really embrace this fact – If you do not know your purpose in life, if you feel stuck, disconnected or uncertain of your next
steps, then you will not be the best possible parent, partner, friend, team or community member that you could be. Your energy and focus will not be on what matters most, which will limit your effectiveness.

Give yourself permission to grow and develop, this valuable time will benefit both yourself and your loved ones as you feel more energised and discover your potential.

We are here to help you find that passion, purpose and connect you to the world. To guide you to find the gifts and power you have hidden within yourself, to lead a more fulfilling, engaging and passionate life.

We use our proven coaching services for 2 key Purposes:

We help people find their purpose and become accountable for achieving their goals, helping them feel empowered to find solutions, improve their life and feel more fulfilled. We believe that when you are chasing a dream you are passionate about, your mood, relationships and success rates can all improve. By doing this, we often find that we create more Leaders – people inspired to help others feel the way they do – empowered, driven and capable.

This leads us into our next purpose – We help people to develop into effective Leaders and Coaches – helping them to add more value, get promoted and be recognised as experts in their field. 

We utilise a proven step by step model that:

  • Focuses on you, your goal and your purpose.
  • Explores the risks, opportunities and options that present themselves on your journey.
  • Shares an extensive Leadership toolkit to help you find solutions.
  • Explores and Challenges the beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Provide tools for you to track success and keep you accountable.

With over 12 years experience in Coaching and Leading, 5 years of Learning and Development roles and qualifications within; Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Leadership and Management and Training we are equipped to help you find your purpose, fulfill your goals and work towards the person you were born to be.

Ask yourself who you want to be in the future,  what you could achieve if you were operating at your highest level and ask yourself who you could be to yourself and others if you were able to squeeze every last drop out of life.

If you are ready to create and focus your energy and invest in yourself by having an award winning coach in your corner – Book in with us today at

Whilst only you can decide on whether a coach is right for you, we are confident that people will begin to notice  changes after just a few sessions. We engage, develop and guide you to obtain your goals and rewrite the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself to build a more confident, focused, energised and determined person, ready to take on the world.

We believe that every person we meet has unlimited potential, it’s just about finding the opportunities to bring this part of them to life. We use a combination of tried and true, reliable tools and techniques alongside our innovative mind-sets to tailor your coaching sessions, connecting with who you really are and bring your purpose to life.

It is our mission to serve people and help them find who they really are. We give you our absolute best so that you can bring your
energy, passion, connection and drive to others. You should never underestimate who you are influencing just by simply chasing your dreams.

If you are ready to be an investor in yourself and your future, take action today.

What will happen in our sessions?

Whilst every session will be unique to yourself, we will endeavor to:

+ Focus on you

+ Connect with your goals, mindset, challenges and opportunities

+ We will look to discover your purpose, set goals, track success and build an exciting, sustainable and rewarding future

+ We will listen to you from a place of empathy and curiosity

+ We will ask engaging, thought provoking and sometimes challenging questions

+ We will share a range of tried and tested techniques and tools to help you achieve your goals

+ We will provide resources to aid in your journey

+ We will strive to unlock your potential, discover your purpose and fulfil your dreams

What do the below plans currently include?

+ A free consultation to see if we are the best team suited to help you

+ One on one sessions lasting for up to an hour

+ Flexibility – The frequency of the sessions are up to you
(but they need to be used within 18 months of their purchase)

+ Applicable resources, trackers and guides

+ First access to one of our upcoming Premium or Live Training Courses (When booking 12 sessions)

+ A 5% donation to our chosen charity Operation Underground Railroad in your name

Pricing, Payments and Refunds

We want you to get the most out of our coaching experience, to do this you need to make a firm commitment to who you want to become. As part of this mind-set, if we decide to move forward together after your free consultation – all payments need to be made in advance, unless otherwise agreed under special circumstances.

We also understand that there may be times when our approach isn’t working for you, if this is the case after the first few sessions, we can agree to suspend or terminate our agreement together, including an appropriate refund.

 We include 1-on-1 sessions but have additional benefits for block booking sessions.

One on one sessions

Each session will last for up to an hour and costs £75 for a virtual/video session and £110 for a face to face session at the Bark Street
Bolton office.

We find that block booking sessions can build accountability, focus and habitual behaviours more reliably, as such we offer the following discounts and value packed offers:

To recap our value packed offers include:

  • 3 sessions will save you 5% on the session cost and increases the amount we donate to O.U.R on your behalf (it costs you nothing!)
  • 6 Sessions will save you 10%, increases the cost free charity donation in your name, includes an additional post-session check-in – you can book this in after your 6 sessions are completed. You get a 15% off voucher for future coaching or training plans and gain access to the Elite Edge Community to received support between coaching sessions.
  • 12 Sessions is a massive 15% saving, increases the cost free charity donation in your name, 2 free post-session check-ins, access to the Elite Edge Community and a 20% off voucher for future coaching or training plans.

If you need to spread the cost, reach out to us at to discuss a payment plan.

We believe in giving back to great causes and as such, we donate 5% of each booked session to Operation Underground Railroad. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation from the charity that your donation has been received, directly to your email address. It costs you nothing additional to do.

How do you book in with us? Here are 4 easy ways:

  • Book in with us directly for your free, no obligation discovery session at:
  • Email us at
  • Contact our live help desk team by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom of the page, leave your name, number and reason for coaching and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • Head over to our shopping page to pay upfront – if you decide not to go ahead after our free consultation session, we can provide you with a full refund.

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