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According to a recent study, 65% of people fail to achieve their goals…As our mission is to create a world brimming with passion, fulfilment and connection, we knew we needed to change this statistic. To do this, we created the 5 step GURUS model, based on a blend of scientific studies and over 11 years of Coaching, Leadership and Training experience. We have used this method to help people find their purpose and become energised, passionate and high performing individuals throughout our careers.

We have used countless models, methods and theories over the years that have belonged to other people but always found ourselves coming back to our own style. It feels liberating to finally bring GURUS to coaches, leaders, trainers and individuals who are looking to invest in themselves. In short, this book is a tool that can improve the quality of your goals, increase your performance and help you become more fulfilled. We believe deeply in enabling others to achieve, thrive and bring the best of themselves to the world. With the release of GURUS, we have taken a massive leap in that direction. We have poured our knowledge, experience and the use of scientific studies into a tool that will allow us to enable people to succeed without even being in the same room as them – talk about impact.

Our 5 step system is specifically designed to be an engaging, challenging and effective tool to help you successfully design and chase goals. Whilst it isn’t a replacement for a coach, it can definitely help you focus, reflect and take valuable action towards your objective.

So what does GURUS include?

  • The 5 Step GURUS method
  • The science behind the model
  • Illustrations and examples
  • FREE downloadable resources
  • Interactive questions and workbook
  • Links to DTE videos
  • 20% off voucher for our coaching services *Terms and conditions apply

Our intention with GURUS isn’t to give you page after page of scientific studies but to briefly touch on key points raised and get you directly to what matters – thought provoking and engaging questions that can help you understand your purpose and achieve your goals.

Whether you are a Coach, Leader, Trainer or on a mission to improve the quality of your life, treat this book as a field manual, as a guide you can use at any point when creating and pursuing goals. It is packed with quality coaching, goal and motivation theory, backed by science and broken down into easy to follow steps that you can pick up and put down as you need.

One question remains: Are you ready to take back control of your life?
It’s time to embrace your inner Goal Getting GURUS.

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Thank you for investing in yourself, we are proud to be a part of your journey.